What We Do

Fund Administration & Accounting

We provide expert regulatory and financial administration support during the fund launch and for ongoing operations. Our in-house attorneys and professionals ensure fund compliance with federal securities laws and minimize costly reliance on outside counsel.


Fund Accounting

  • Maintain general and subsidiary ledgers and journals
  • Process portfolio and shareholder trades
  • Process dividends, interest and corporate actions
  • Accrue income and expenses
  • Reconcile cash and holdings to custodian
  • Process fund distributions
  • Validate and apply portfolio prices
  • Coordinate fair valuation process and reporting
  • Calculate and report daily NAVs and income factors
  • Report cash availability and cash forecasts

Legal and Regulatory

  • Draft registration statements and updates
  • Prepare filings and manage review process
  • Manage board operations and reporting
  • Support regulatory examinations

Financial Reporting

  • Calculate and report fund performance
  • Prepare fund financial statements
  • Manage shareholder report production
  • Support fund audits
  • Produce and publish fund fact sheets

Post-Trade Compliance

  • Perform daily post-trade compliance testing
  • Analyze breaches and manage resolution

Tax Services

  • Perform RIC compliance testing
  • Calculate income and capital gains distributions
  • Prepare and file tax returns

Fund Treasury

  • Manage fund expense forecasts and budgets
  • Monitor expenses and manage accruals
  • Initiate fund expense payments  



Transfer Agency

We manage relationships—not just accounts. Our Transfer Agency representatives are standing in your place, and know that how well they relate to your shareholders reflects directly on you. We put the highest value on friendly, professional and accurate entry and delivery of all information.

Our rigorous controls ensure strict compliance with all laws and regulations and our state-of-the-art technology gives you secure access to fund data.

Account Services

  • Prepare and deliver account confirmations and statements
  • Support NSCC processing and dedicated dealer services
  • Maintain institutional, retail and retirement accounts
  • Process transactions, distributions and automatic investment and systematic withdrawal plans
  • Manage shareholder telephone, mail and e-mail correspondence
  • Call Center
  • Provide daily shareholder cash management
  • Support lost shareholder recovery and escheatment

Fund Services

  • Administer Blue Sky state registrations
  • Provide capital stock and custody notification reporting
  • Establish and reconcile demand deposit accounts
  • Calculate and report Rule 12b-1, shareholder service and other intermediary payments
  • Provide literature fulfillment services
  • Develop and monitor file interfaces with intermediaries
  • Provide privacy, AML and Rule 22c-2 compliance
  • Provide document imaging and workflow management

Tax Services

  • Produce, file and distribute tax information to shareholders and the IRS and states
  • Maintain shareholder cost basis

Web Services

  • Provide clients and intermediaries with online access to shareholder data
  • Provide private label shareholder website to access accounts and trade
  • Electronic delivery of confirmations, statements and fund materials


We offer you flexible compliance services, either supporting your compliance officer or providing a qualified person to act as your compliance officer.

With either option you minimize cost and risk because we integrate compliance oversight with regular testing and reporting functions.

Chief Compliance Officers

  • Manage the compliance risk assessment process
  • Monitor the implementation and effectiveness of policies and procedures
  • Recommend policy and procedure enhancements
  • Report to fund management and fund Boards

Anti Money Laundering Officers

  • Oversee compliance with fund AML policies
  • File suspicious activity reports
  • Report to fund management and Boards

Sarbanes-Oxley Services

  • Provide principal financial officers
  • Review and certify regulatory filings
  • Comply with disclosure controls and procedures

CCO Support

  • Provide reporting and certifications regarding Atlantic's operations
  • Assist with fund compliance program design
  • Provide customized testing of Atlantic operations
  • Consult on Board reporting and support
  • Provide fund design and consultation



Fund Start-Ups & Conversions

We meticulously manage fund conversions and start-ups to ensure a fund's regulatory, compliance, tax and operational requirements are fully satisfied. We manage the conversion and start-up process end-to-end, and provide financial transparency of fund operating costs.

Fund Start-Ups

  • Provide guidance on mutual fund requirements and regulations
  • Prepare detailed fund operating expense projections
  • Evaluate proposed portfolio for compliance with SEC and IRS regulations
  • Identify registered fund related advisor compliance procedure enhancements
  • Manage the fund launch including coordinating service providers and tracking deliverables
  • Provide best practice and cost management guidance

Fund Conversions

  • Provide guidance on converting target fund performance
  • Assist with tax analysis of converting accounts
  • Support in-kind conversions
  • Draft plan of reorganization

Mutual Funds & Liquid Alternatives

Atlantic provides administration for the Forum Family of Funds. Established in 1989, Forum Funds is one of the oldest series trusts and a pioneer in the space. 

Series Trusts

Our series trust solutions provide proven mutual fund governance, regulatory, compliance and operations infrastructure so you can focus on managing your funds and raising assets.  Our solutions provide:

  • Access to leading legal, compliance and operations service providers
  • Experienced Board
  • Proven policies and procedures
  • Private label branding
  • 105-120 days to market

Stand-Alone Trusts

Atlantic provides the additional support and project management required to service stand-alone registrants.  Our project management services can reduce reliance on costly outside counsel. Services include:

  • Managing new trust start-up project plan
  • Drafting and filing trust documents
  • Coordinating trust service provider evaluations and agreements
  • Assisting with the development of trust policies and procedures

Liquid Alternatives

Atlantic's experience with liquid alternative funds and consultative approach helps alternative asset managers adapt their hedge fund strategy for the registered fund market.  Our services include:

  • Evaluating portfolios for compliance with legal and tax requirements
  • Providing guidance on liquidity and use of leverage
  • Coordinating brokerage, ISDA and account control agreements
  • Drafting manager of manager exemptive applications for sub-advised funds

Private Funds

Atlantic provides comprehensive services for commingled funds including hedge funds, collective trust funds and other unregistered pooled investment vehicles.

Implementation Support and Due Diligence

  • Respond to due diligence inquiries
  • Review offering and subscription documents
  • Consult on report and statement preferences
  • Set up investor registers and chart of accounts
  • Assist with establishing bank accounts

Portfolio Accounting and Administration

  • Maintain fund general ledger
  • Reconcile cash and holdings
  • Validate and process corporate actions
  • Value portfolio of investments with market data
  • Calculate fund NAV and performance
  • Report portfolio holdings to manager
  • Prepare financial statements and support audit
  • Prepare fund tax returns and K-1s

Allocations and Fee Calculations

  • Allocate profit and loss to investors
  • Calculate side pockets
  • Calculate management and performance fees
  • Calculate and maintain investor capital balances
  • Calculate investor performance
  • Calculate, accrue and pay fund expenses

Investor Servicing

  • Process subscriptions and withdrawals
  • Record and maintain investor demographics
  • Calculate and track redemption fees and holdbacks
  • Report to investors
  • Perform applicable investor KYC/AML services