Why Atlantic?

Focus on what you do best.
We'll help with the rest.

Our clients are experts at managing money—not at managing SEC requirements, distribution platforms and reporting. We take great pride in helping clients:

Understand fund conversion and start-up considerations
Navigate regulatory, distribution and reporting processes
Focus on managing money, not administrative details

We do more than administer your fund—we help you make smart business decisions.

We’re experienced

Strong roots, strong service

Atlantic Fund Services has been a trusted third-party fund administrator since 1986, when we were founded as Forum Financial Group. In that time we have learned that fund advisors and sponsors want a service provider that understands their needs and meets them in a sophisticated, timely and personal way.

A Timeline

  1. 1986
    Founded as Forum Financial Group
  2. 1989
    Starts Forum Funds, a pioneering umbrella series trust
  3. 1994
    Establishes Warsaw, Poland operations
  4. 2003
    Purchased by Citi
  5. 2007
    Atlantic Fund Services is founded
  6. 2009
    Re-acquires Polish operations
  7. 2011
    Establishes Luxembourg operations
  8. 2013
    Launches Forum Funds II
  9. 2014
    Acquires Moventum S.C.A.
  10. 2016
    Atlantic E.U. spins-off and rebrands as Moventum S.C.A.


You’re entrepreneurial.
So are we.

In 1986 we founded our firm on the idea that we could succeed by providing outstanding client service. Over the following three decades we built our company into the largest privately owned fund services provider in the U.S., with one of the largest operations in Europe.

As entrepreneurs ourselves, we understand our clients’ aspirations and concerns, and we thrive on their passion. And our private ownership structure gives us the flexibility to respond to clients’ needs as they arise.

Umbrella Series Trust

When unaffiliated investment managers needed a cost-effective, turnkey solution for launching funds, we pioneered the umbrella series trust.

When clients sought to offer alternative investments through registered funds, we developed special expertise in solving these funds’ complex structural, regulatory and reporting requirements.

Complex Funds

Demand for alternative investments has surged—and so has investment managers’ desire to provide alternative strategies through registered vehicles.

We specialize in helping clients understand and solve the complex structural, regulatory and reporting challenges presented by registered-alt funds.

A specialty in liquid-alt funds

We provide complete support for launching and operating liquid-alt funds, including fund administration, fund accounting, transfer agency, compliance, custody and distribution.

We work with alternative managers to help them understand the unique requirements of a mutual fund and determine if they can execute their strategy in a mutual fund format.

As an entrepreneurial, privately owned firm, we have the innovative culture and institutional flexibility to customize our services for funds with unique requirements.